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Frequently Asked Questions

What was The Stand Card?
The Stand Card was our old Loyal Customer Program, which discounted purchases and kept you updated with The Stand News and special promotions via email.

Can I still enroll in The Stand Card Program?
No. Enrollment in The Stand Card Program is no longer available. The Stand App Rewards Program saves you more on food and drinks and gives you more opportunity to earn points and save than our old program. The Stand App will also keep you updated with The Stand News, special events and unique promotions. It’s also a great way to order ahead and skip the line!

Do I continue to receive my Stand Card discount?
Until May 15th, with The App, you can save 5% on food and drinks while also earning points to use on upcoming rewards and store credit. Be sure to download the app today and start earning points!

Do I still get discount on Beer and Wine and Sunday Kids Nights?
Yes. Special pricing for beer and wine, and discounted kids meals on Sundays is available to our App users. Special points days will also be available where you can earn double or triple points per $1 spent!

I was a Stand Card Member. If I don’t have The App, will I still be sent news and email offers?
Stand news and special offers will be sent to our email list. To take advantage of these offers, you will need to download and enroll in The App.

How do I enroll in The Stand App Rewards program?
Click the links above, or visit the iOS App store or Google Play store and search for ‘The Stand Restaurants’ to download the app. Once the app has been downloaded, open it, and follow the instructions to create your account! Your almost ready to start earning rewards!

Can anyone enroll in the The Stand App Rewards program?
The program is available to those with an active email address and smartphone device with Apple iOS or Google Android operating systems. If you don’t have an Apple or Android device, you can join our email list to stay current on The Stand News and receive promotions via email!

Is there a fee for enrolling in the The Stand App Rewards program?
No. The Stand App is free!

I no longer want to participate in the program. Can I cancel my account?
If it’s notifications you are tired of, you can turn those off in your phone and app settings.  Want to cancel? In the app, go to the Account page and click on “Contact Support”. Let us know you would like to cancel and we can terminate your enrollment. You can also email us at theapp@thestandlink.com.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
Click on “Log In” on the app, than click “Log In With Email” and than click “I forgot my password”. Enter your email address associated with your account and an email will be sent with instructions to reset your password.

How do I earn rewards?
You’ll receive 1 point per $1 spent at The Stand. Every time you earn enough points to unlock the next available reward, it will show as available on your Rewards tab in the app. Simply click on that reward and scan the QR code when ordering at the register, or order online and select the available reward at checkout. Some rewards you can instantly convert into store credit, just click it. Remember, you can accumulate points and use for greater rewards!

Can purchases I made before registering for The Stand App Rewards program be applied to my account retroactively?
No. Purchases must be made using The Stand App to collect points. You can click “earn points” or pay with The Stand App to collect points.

Can rewards be shared, combined or transferred?
You are free to share your rewards with whomever you like when you dine with us, once redeemed in store or ordered online. However, rewards and points may not be combined or transferred with other accounts.

Can I scan someone else’s QR code to earn points?
No. You are only allowed to earn points for your own purchases. If you scan someone else’s QR code, they will earn points for your purchases. If you make a purchase with someone else’s QR code, both accounts may be flagged for fraudulent activity and you may loose access to the account or all earned rewards.

Why didn’t I earn points when I bought a gift card?
Sorry, points are only awarded for food and beverage purchases. When the gift card is used to pay for food and beverages, you’ll earn the points!

What is The Stand App?
The Stand App is the best rewards, mobile ordering and payment solution around. You’ll receive 1 point per $1 spent on food at The Stand. As you collect points, you will unlock new and exciting rewards. You can also use the app to skip the line and Order Ahead, send and receive mobile gift cards, and stay current with exclusive promotions and specials just for The Stand App users.

Can I review the terms and conditions?
Absolutely. Click Here

Do I need a The Stand App account to participate in the Rewards program?
Yep, you’ll need to create an account with an active email address and password. The easiest way to enroll is to sign up with Facebook. We’ll never post anything to your account. If you still want to stay in the know, but don’t want the app, be sure to join our email list!

Will you share the information in The Stand App?
No. Never. Your information is kept private and secure with us. We will never share it.

What type of phone do I need to use the app?
We offer an app for both iOS and Android devices.

How do I refer a friend? What do I get if they visit?
In the app, click “Rewards” and than “Refer a Friend”. Send them your code via email, text or other. You’ll earn 100 points when they make their first purchase!

Who do I contact with any questions or issues?
In the app, click the menu tab. Select “Account” than select “Contact Support”. You can also email us directly at theapp@thestandlink.com

Does The Stand App Rewards replace the current Stand Card program?
Yes, for a limited time, the same discount on food and beverages will be given to our new app users. During that time, customers can earn points towards rewards that will soon be available. The Stand App Rewards will offer more fun rewards at a greater discount than currently provided.

How do I opt out of notifications or offers?
In your phone’s settings, you able to control your notifications and turn off notifications for the app. You can also email us at theapp@thestandlink.com if you would like to stop receiving emails or offers.

Can I redeem my points for cash?
No. Rewards are not redeemable for cash, but you can keep saving points to earn the next best reward.

How long will it take to make my order?
Once you have paid in the “Order Ahead” feature, an approximate time will be displayed. Approximate time is based on time of day and order size. When ordering, you can also set a pick up time. We’ll have your food ready for you at that time so it’s hot and fresh. Typically, a small ASAP pick up order will take approximately 15 minutes.

Where do I go to pick up my order?
When you place your order online, you will have the opportunity to choose the restaurant location you will be ordering from. When you get to the restaurant, skip the line, and head up to the “pick up” counter or register.

What if I need to make changes or want to cancel my order?
If you need to change your order, call the restaurant you placed the order with. If you’ve placed a catering order, please call our Catering Department at 1.855.77.STAND for assistance. Please note that catering orders that are scheduled to be completed within the next 4 hours may not be adjusted.

Will my online orders transfer into the app? Will it keep my order history and food preferences?
Yes it will. Once you are logged into the app and choose “Order Ahead” you will see previous orders and preferences. In the app’s “Account” page, you can also view previous transaction history.

Can I use The Stand App Rewards for catering?
Yes. You can use the rewards that are specific towards catering. App Rewards and Redemptions are only available for pick up orders at this time.

How will I earn points and rewards?
You’ll receive 1 point for every $1 spent on food. Every time you order catering through the “Order Ahead” feature or pay in store with your app or scan your QR code, you are able to earn points for catering orders. Please note, when redeeming rewards towards the purchase of a catering order, pick up or online payment is required. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to process rewards towards the purchase of catering delivery at this time.

Can I give the catering department my App account information to earn rewards?
No, our catering specialists will not be able to give you loyalty points over the phone or by email. They can however still take your order. If you pay in stores or with our “order ahead” feature, you can collect your points to earn rewards.

I made an eligible purchase at The Stand restaurant but it is not reflected in my app account. How do I resolve that?
Send us a picture of your full receipt via the “Contact Support” feature in the app or email our support team directly at theapp@thestandlink.com

Is The Stand App secure?
Yes. We take security and privacy very seriously. We never see your passwords or share them. We will never sell or release your data to unaffiliated third parties. If your concerned, please check out our privacy policy. Click Here

Why do I need to sign up with Facebook?
Signing up with Facebook will give you the best experience. It makes logging in quicker and easier and allows you to not have to memorize another password. We do not access or store your Facebook login and will never auto-post on your page.

What information do you access from my Facebook profile? Do you post to my wall?
No we will never post on your wall. We will access your general information and the email address associated with your Facebook profile.

Why does The Stand App require my location?
We use your location to help you find The Stand nearest you.

Will The Stand App work at all Stand locations?
Yes. The App allows you to access rewards and earn points at all Stand locations.

What is the benefit of being a Stand App Rewards member?
There are many. To name a few, you’ll get free food and swag, receive special offers and news, you get to skip the line with easy online ordering, and much more.

How do referrals work?
You refer a friend to The Stand App by sharing your invite code. Once your friend creates an account using that code, and orders or pays with their app for their first time, you’ll receive 100 bonus points!

Where can I find my referral or invite code?
In the app, click the “Rewards” menu option. Then click “Earn Points” and select “Refer a Friend”. There you will find your invite code to share with your friends or family.

How do I redeem points?
In the app, points earned unlock rewards. Once you’ve collected enough points, you will see your rewards become activated for use.

How do I redeem rewards?
It’s easy. Click on the reward you would like to redeem and show the QR code to the cashier when ordering. They will scan the code redeem your reward.

Do I have to use all my rewards at once?
Nope. Rewards can be spent as you prefer. You don’t have to use any rewards and you can keep saving towards that bigger one.

Do my rewards or offers ever expire?
Rewards and Offers are two different things.
Offers are special, one time use coupons like BOGO, $5 OFF, etc. that are sent to you to use during a limited time. Rewards do not expire, unless the reward has been removed or altered. Your points are always banked and saved and never expire.

Can I use multiple rewards or coupons together in the same transaction?
Yes you can use multiple rewards and coupon offers in a single transaction, unless stated otherwise.